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Sports Performance Coaching


Performance is always torn between the little things and the big picture. Professional sport sounds so glamorous, but it is also very very hard work. PERFORM READY questions what athletes really need to perform. With the help of the ActionTypes® Approach and a functional screening, we try to find answers that the athlete and his body give us. Instead of striving for a golden standard for all, we take a different approach: putting people first, recognizing individual athletic needs, promoting particular strengths, and developing a complete athlete as a team.


In our Sports Performance Coaching, we value individualization because every person moves differently and learns movements differently. We use the ActionTypes® approach to determine motor (and cognitive) preferences using simple kinesiological tests. Technique training, which is based on an ideal technique always runs the risk of doing more harm than help. Through our profiling, we experience how the body integrates signals from the environment. The result is a profile that helps the athlete understand which preferred movement patterns they have, how they move efficiently on the court or on the track, where they best perceive their opponent and what cognitive preferences they have. Although we determine a profile, there is no dependency on a profile. No one IS a profile. But everyone uses preferences within their profile to facilitate motor coordination. This is crucial in athletic training as well as in technical skill training, in individual sports or in team sports.

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  • Uniqueness: Each person represents a unique combination of cognitive and motor preferences and personal experiences.
  • Natural movement: The body works independently of technique, while technique relies on a functioning body.
  • Diversity: Accepting and promoting values that are bound to diversity.

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An essential part of strength and conditioning is mastering the little things to maximize performance and to stay in the sport as long as possible. In order to find out what these little things are, we start with a movement screen and evaluate the general athletic ability.
The next step is to improve motor control in different muscle chains. Depending on the starting level and training goal we use simple or complex, static or dynamic exercises. Depending on the time of the season, the goal of the training and the possible total volume, all athletic training contents (strength training, Olympic weight lifting, conditioning, coordination training, body management, recovery training, etc.) will be successively integrated and coordinated. In the end, movement quality is crucial in order to move efficiently, to remain injury-free and to thrive in competitive sports.

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The first goal of our PERFORM READY nutrition philosophy is to give you the opportunity to improve your own eating habits. This means we listen and find individual solutions. Plant based nutrition is not only good for our environment but also for our body and mind. However, it is important to understand what everyone is able to and wants to do. Conversely, it is important for us to make clear how much potential the body has, if nourished accordingly. It is worth exploring this potential and realizing it as a performance factor. The nutritional component of the PERFORM READY philosophy is mandatory whether you are a professional athlete or not. Life is demanding for all of us and we need adequate energy to fuel our body.