Perform-Ready Action Types


Business Coaching


We at PERFORM READY are competitive athletes. We know what it means to give one’s best to reach a goal. We know what it means to create a game plan and make decisions. We have lead teams and learned to manage stress.

We share these experiences in our business coaching because we believe there is not much that differentiates a high-class athlete from a top-level manager. In professional sports as well as in the business world, high class performance means bringing your best at just the right time. It's about defining goals and making plans how to get there. It's about resource optimization and teamwork.

Our philosophy? Make individual strength accessible for the team. We use the ActionTypes Approach to create a framework in which people can develop their potential. We help teams communicate better and teach them to direct their creative energies toward a common goal. Oh, and it is also a lot of fun.


The ActionTypes Approach® originates in competitive sports and has been steadily developed over the past 30 years by Bertrand Théraulaz and Ralph Hippolyte. Simple kinesiological tests are assigned in order to find one of 16 personality profiles that matches a person. This profile always describes a dynamic system and never a static state. It identifies individual preferences in cognitive aspects such as task-management and problem-solving skills. Knowing about each other’s individual ActionTypes® profiles within a team leads to better acceptance of individual differences, more efficient communication and encourages community.

What does an ActionTypes® coach do?

She asks the body questions in order to:

  • discover preferred cognitive and motor patterns.
  • achieve an optimal activation level for the ability to perform with the help of the so-called "deep motivational drivers".
  • recognize individual communication needs and learning processes.
  • improve team dynamics by showing personality differences, creating respect for them and promoting the team potential.

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