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#BeachteamMUC is a collaboration between us at PERFORM READY and our Munich based professional beach volleyball team, Armin Dollinger and Simon Kulzer. Our goal: the 2024 Olympics. We love that feeling of sunshine, the sand, and blue skies in beach volleyball. But we also know how difficult setting, hitting and serving can be. That’s why we want to share our beach volleyball knowledge in workshops and individual trainings with the pros. Follow us on social media to stay informed about upcoming workshops or send as an email if you want to create your own. You can also drop by anytime if you want to see how the pros train and get insights into our work. Our beach volleyball training is always open to the beach volleyball community.


Beach volleyball is an individual sport played as a team. It promotes the reflection of one's own performance and also the one of the team. A nice side effect is that the sandy surface is kinder to painful joints than other sports. Therefore, we like to integrate beach volleyball into business workshops in combination with nutrition. Our professionals are with us and provide insights into their lives as athletes. We want to create an exchange between high-performance sport and the economy and we are convinced that both sides can benefit from it.