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Sports Performance Coaching

The demands on professional athletes are enormously high and tend to increase. At PERFORM READY we want to train a new generation of athletes, who develop an early understanding of their unique way of moving and, in the second step, achieve the highest possible quality of movement. Our coaching covers the areas of motor skills and cognition, athletics and overall planning including nutrition and recovery strategies. Our goal is to create an environment that enables maximum performance and allows for a successful athletic career.

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Great people make great companies. At PERFORM READY we help to establish a corporate culture that optimizes the strength of each individual. Companies thrive on the performance and efficiency of their employees. We use a coaching tool from competitive sports to develop personal resources and strengthen team dynamics. Success within a team is always dependent on individual performance. The ActionTypes® Approach coaches personality, communication skills and encourages creative expressions. Individual, strong as a team.

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Beachvolleyball is our passion. We work with the only professional beach volleyball team in southern Germany, Armin Dollinger and Simon Kulzer on our road to the Olympics. Experience the fun of beach volleyball, its athletic demands and let the pros show you how to improve your technique.

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For Businesses:

  • PERFORM READY ActionTypes® Workshop
  • Business meets Beachvolleyball
  • For Athletes and Sports Teams:

  • PERFORM READY Sports Performance Coaching
  • PERFORM READY ActionTypes® Workshop
  • For the Beachvolleyball Community:

  • Beachvolleyball Workshops with the Pros
  • All our PERFORM READY workshops and coaching sessions have one common vision: to develop human potential and to shape successful cooperation.

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    »Each person holds so much power within themselves.
    Sometimes they just need a little nudge; direction, support, coaching.«

    ~ Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks)

    Our vision is to find that power in you and provide exactly the support and coaching you need.

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